Four Main Tasks

To green the Dry Zone and fulfil the fuel wood requirement of local people. Forest plantations after five to six years become people protected forests (PPF). The following operation also includes;
(1) Greening Plantations
(2) Water Shed plantation
(3) Research plantation
(4) Greening Mountain plantation
(5) Other plantations eg-road side plantation,

         To rehabilitate the existing 1.8 million acres of natural degraded forests in the Dry Zone, the Dry Zone Greening Department effectively protects about 100,000 acres annually. Out of 100,000 acres thus specially protected, about 10% of it, estimated 10,000 acres are set aside annually to undergo the natural regeneration operation. 

To support forest conservation in indirect mean, following activities are being carried out to promote the utilization of fuel wood substitutes:

                        1.         Distribution of Improved Cooking Stoves

                                    Distribution of improved cooking stoves with low fuel wood consumption rate to the local people and encourage the utilization of fuel wood substitutes;

                        2.         Promotion of briquette production...

Following works are being carried out to boost water supply: -

                        1.         Construction of small ponds

                                    Digging and renovation of small ponds in villages of 12 districts to supply water for trees, people and animals;

                        2.         Utilization of underground water

                                    Sinking of tube-wells to supply water for nurseries, plantations and community use;